KP Students "Stack Up" in Cup Stacking Competition


3rd Grade

Girls Cycle

Adalia Lopez – 1st Place

Ava Williams – 7th Place


Boys Cycle

Vihaan Murthy – 7th Place

Jamie Holt – 8th Place


Parent / Child Doubles

Vihaan Murthy & Dad – 3rd Place



4th Grade

Girls Cycle

Shruti Patel – 1st Place

Avery Perez – 3rd Place

Kendall Tate – 5th Place

Maddie Garza – 6th Place

Kristen Morales – 7th Place


Boys Cycle

Nathan MacCurdy – 2nd Place

Nash Belson – 7th Place



Kristen Morales & Avery Perez – 1st Place



Gabby Barbosa, Nash Belson, Maddie Garza, and Shruti Patel – 2nd Place


Parent / Child Doubles

Nathan MacCurdy & Mom – 3rd Place




5th Grade

Girls Cycle

Emily Jeong – 1st Place


Boys Cycle

Francisco Gonzales – 2nd Place

Ryan Hackett – 3rd Place

Xavier Tools – 5th Place


Girls Combined

Lizzie Roysden – 4th Place


Boys Combined

Diego Escamilla – 2nd Place



Emily Jeong, Lizzie Roysden, Ryan Hackett, and Xavier Tools – 2nd Place


Parent / Child Doubles

Francisco Gonzalez & Parent – 2nd Place

Yessenia Edgecomb & Parent – 4th Place