KP Students Shine at Speed Stack Tournament

The KP students awards are as follows:


3rd Grade

Girls Combined

2nd Place - Gabriella Barbosa

3rd Place - Kiya Harrison


Boys Combined

1st Place - Nathan MacCurdy


Girls Cycle

2nd Place - Shruti Patel

4th Place - Kendall Tate

5th Place – Avery Perez


Boys Cycle

8th Pace – Nash Belson


Parent/Child Doubles

2nd Place – Kendall Tate and mom

3rd Place – Nathan MacCurdy and mom

4th Place – Shruti Patel and mom

8th Place – Adrianna Cruz and mom


4th Grade

Boys Cycle

1st Place – Francisco Gonzalez

4th Place – Ryan Hackett

5th Place – Garrett Seholm

7th Place – Xavier Tools


Girls Combined

6th Pace – Lizzy Rosyden



2nd Place – Francisco Gonzalez



3rd Place – Kyleigh Willis, Xavier Tools, Ryann Hackett, Lizzie Rosyden


5th Grade

Girls Cycle

2nd Place – Athziri Rodriguez

3rd Place – Sophia Castano

6th Place – Brinley Belson


Boys Combined

2nd Place – Jacob Perez



1st Place – Ava Blakenship, Athziri Rodriguez, Lily Cortez, Sophia Castano