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Book Reviews

Book Review Resources

Spaghetti Book Club has thousands of book reviews written by kids. Use this resource when deciding which book to read next or to help you write a detailed book review in Destiny Quest.

How to write a book review in Destiny Quest

Sharing your thoughts on a book you have read by writing a book review is a great way to spread the word for other students! Follow the steps below to write a detailed book review in Destiny Quest. Also, below are some do's and don'ts when writing a book review.

- Go to

- Click on "Kennedy Powell Elementary"

- Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the screen.

- Type in your username and password. (If you do not know your username and password, ask you teacher or the librarian.)

- Click on the tab "Catalog"

- Click on "Destiny Quest" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

- Type the title of the book you read in the Find/Search bar.

- Once you have located your book, click on the picture of the book cover.

- The information box for the book will pop up and you can choose "Reviews" and then "Add Review"

- First, give the book 1-5 stars, depending on whether you enjoyed it or not.

- Then, type in a detailed review of the book. DO NOT TELL THE ENDING OF THE STORY!

Do's Don'ts

- Include the genre of the book

- Tell a little about the main character(s).

- Write about your favorite part and why it is your favorite part.

- Recommend the book to others if you liked it.

- If you didn't like it, tell why and how you think the book could have been better.

- Check your spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

- Ruin the ending by telling about it

- Write one sentence, like "It was good."

- Make spelling, capitalization or punctuation mistakes.

- Say inappropriate things

Examples of a good book reviews

Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon

I like when they get captured because I like action in a story. There is lots of suspense when the kids get captured by the pirates. I like this series because each time, the children are on another adventure, following Morgan le Fay's clues. They go to many exciting places.

My favorite part is when they find danger. Read more to find out what happens. If you like magic and adventure, you'll like this book and the other Magic Tree House books.

Dork Diaries

I liked this book the way it is. My favorite character is Nikki because she writes interesting things in her diary. My least favorite character is Brianna because she is annoying. I think you should read this book because it tells about everyday things, and turns them into funny adventures.