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FAQs About Volunteer Work in the Library

Who Should Volunteer?

YOU!  If you enjoy being around children and books, volunteer to help in the library!

Why does the library need volunteers?

There is always work to be done in the library. And since the library does not have a paid full-time library assistant, the library welcomes volunteers who are willing to do the various clerical tasks that are crucial to the smooth operation and maintenance of a library.

When the librarian has assistance with the clerical duties, she has more time to devote to instruction and planning, working with students and teachers, collection development, and the overall administration of the library.

Do library volunteers need any special skills?

NO!  It helps to be somewhat familiar with the Dewey Decimal System, but we are happy to do "on-the-job training".

What will I be expected to do?

Since the library has a high circulation, most of a volunteer's time will be spent shelving materials when volunteers are not shelving they may be asked to:

  • straighten the books on the shelves
  • label and cover new materials
  • mend and clean books
  • help students
  • pull materials for teachers
  • make copies


How often do volunteers work in the library?  And for how long?

It varies.  Most volunteers choose to work once a week for a two-hour block of time.  Some volunteers work longer shifts#  When and how long you work is up to you.  Choose the day, frequency and time that is most convenient for you.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Bluebonnet Breakfast

Fall and Spring Book Fair

Other library events


Where do I begin?

Visit the TISD Volunteer page for Background Checks, etc.

For more information, please contact KP Librarian Kristin Childress at [email protected]