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Birthday Books

Be a part of KP's Birthday Book Club.  The funds raised go toward the purchase of new books for the library.

FAQs about Birthday Books

How can my child participate?

With a $10 donation to the library, a Birthday Book Club bookplate is printed with your child's name and date of birth on it.  Then your child chooses "his/her" Birthday Book from a collection of books new to the library.  After selecting a book, your child's bookplate is placed inside the book, and your child is the first to check-out the chosen book from the library. A picture of your child will be taken and placed outside the library doors.

What is the deadline for participating in the Birthday Book Club?

Birthday Book Club forms are sent out at the first of each month.  Summer birthdays are celebrated during the month of April and May.

When does my child select his Birthday Book?

Your child selects his Birthday Book when the form is turned in to the library.  The child and the book that has been chosen will be announced on his/her birthday.

How will I know the title of the Birthday Book my child selected?

After selecting a book, your child will check-out the book, and take it home to read and show the family.

Does my child keep the Birthday Book?

No.  The Birthday Book is a gift to the library.  Your child returns the Birthday Book within the two-week loan period like other library books.

What if I donated to the Birthday Book Club, but my child did not receive a Birthday Book?

Contact Mrs. Childress, Librarian at email: [email protected]

What if there is a mistake on the bookplate for the Birthday Book?

Contact Mrs. Childress, Librarian at email: [email protected]