Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

Welcome to Kennedy-Powell Elementary! School begins at 7:35 AM.
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Student Calendar and Curriculum Snapshots

The snapshots below will give you an overview of the things that your student will be learning this year.  The snapshots are organized by subject area.
Week at a Glance: October 9-13, 2017
Math: Personal Finance Literacy.  HW is assigned everyday except Fridays.  Please study multiplication facts.
Science: Force and Motion.  
Reading: Narratives ,Non-Fiction & Poetry Study
Social Studies: 13 Colonies
Spelling:  No Spelling HW 
Writing:  Narrative
Looking Ahead:  
October 13- Fitness with Dad
October 18- Reading CBA
October 19- Math CBA
October 23- 27- Red Ribbon Week

5th Grade Teachers
Amanda Delle Donne
Michelle Hall
Erin Morris
Samantha Patterson