Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

Welcome to Kennedy-Powell Elementary! School begins at 7:35 AM.
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Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade!!
On this website you can stay up to date on all school and 2nd grade events! We cannot wait to meet you!
Information to Know!
  • 2nd Grade conference time is 10:50- 11:50 daily. If you need to phone your student's teacher or schedule a conference, this is the best time to do so. 
  • Please, make sure that your student have shoes that are appropriate for PE class based on your student's individual schedules:
     Colvard and Holler- Monday, Wednesday, and selective Fridays
      DeBacker and Fulton- Tuesday, Thursday, and selective Fridays
  • Homework is scheduled to be passed out on Monday and is DUE on FRIDAY.
  • TISD has implemented an easy way for students to reach technology links they use in school at home! Just go to the below link and explore:


What we will be learning this Six Weeks in...

Fundations: Orientation Week, Unit 1 thru Unit 3 Week 1
Writing: Sentence Building with focus on Capitalization, Common and Proper Nouns, and Prepositions
Reading: Predictions, Legends, Folktale, and Fables
Social Studies: Timelines, Symbols of Texas, and Introduction of Maps
Math: Place Value using numbers up to the first 1,000, Compare and order numbers, Number lines, Fact Families, and patterns/relationships of numbers.
Science: Science Safety, Classifying Matter, Comparing Changes of Matter, and Combining materials based on their physical Properities
PLTW: Changing Matter Module 


Ashleigh Colvard


Kayla DeBacker


Stacy Fulton


Casey Holler