Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

Welcome to Kennedy-Powell Elementary! School begins at 7:35 AM.
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Second Grade

In an effort to support all of our students, TISD has implemented an easy way for students to reach technology links they use in school at home! Just go to the below link and explore!

This 4th Six Weeks in our classes...

Reading- We will work towards gaining more independence in reading along with studying how to pull information from informational text.
Writing- We will focus on our handwriting skills and building our writing stamina. In grammar, we will also focus on learning synonyms, antonyms, abbreviations, and continue applying grammar rules.
Math- We will focus on addition and subtraction word problems. We will also study deposits, withdrawals, and savings along with looking at pictographs and bar graphs.
Science- We will learn more about our weather patterns, water cycle, and patterns of the sky and moon.
Social Studies- We will focus on interactions with the environment while also learning about major holidays of Dr. Martin Luthern King Day, Groundhog day, 100th day of school, and Valentine's Day.
Info to Know! 
  • 2nd Grade conference time is 10:50- 11:50 daily. If you need to phone your student's teacher or schedule a conference, this is the best time to do so. 
  • As the weather changes, please refer to the dress code. Please make sure that your student have shoes that are appropriate for PE class based on your student's individual schedules.
  • Reading and Math homework are scheduled to be passed out on Monday and is due on FRIDAY


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