Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

Welcome Back! NEW school hours are 7:35 AM to 3:15 PM.
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Second Grade


This 2nd Six Weeks in our classes...

Reading- We will work towards gaining more independence in reading along with studying multi-meaning words, discussing the author's purpose, distinguish between fiction and nonfiction, compare and contrast plot/setting, and locate facts and details.
Writing- We will continue practicing when to use capitalization and proper nouns. We will also introduce verbs, subject-verb agreements, the writing process, adjectives, and declarative and interrogative sentences.
Math- We will continue practicing counting the value of coins. We will also introduce addition and subtraction word problems along with introduction of two-dimensional figures.
Science- We will look at patterns of motion, magnets, and energy. We will also continue working with our PLTW activity of changing matters.
Social Studies- We will focus on civic pride in our community.
Info to Know! 
  • 2nd Grade conference time is 10:50- 11:50 daily. If you need to phone your student's teacher or schedule a conference, this is the best time to do so. 
  • As the weather changes, please refer to the dress code. Please make sure that your student have shoes that are appropriate for PE class based on your student's individual schedules.
Compass Learning
In an effort to support all of our students, TISD has implemented Compass Learning as an intervention tool for Math and Reading. Compass Learning will be used in the classroom, however you may also use it at home! Your student should have received a login card with their information on it. The website for Compass Learning is Your child will use their AR username and password to log in. Be sure to change the school to kennedyes. 
If you are using an iPad or Android tablet/device, then you will need to install the Puffin Academy app. This app is free, once you have installed Puffin Academy, go to Featured Courses, and choose the green Compass Learning tile, then you will install that feature. Students will then be able login to Compass Learning with their information. 


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