Kennedy-Powell Elementary School

Winter Break will be Monday, December 18 - Tuesday, January 2. Classes will resume on Wednesday, January 3 at 7:35am.
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Second Grade

Early Release @ 2:15
Friday, December 8th, 2017
In an effort to support all of our students, TISD has implemented an easy way for students to reach technology links they use in school at home! Just go to the below link and explore!

This 3rd Six Weeks (really only 4 weeks!) in our classes...

Reading- We will work towards gaining more independence in reading along with studying distinguishes between fiction and nonfiction, plot, setting, imagery in poetry, literal and non-literal meaning.
Writing- We will focus on our handwriting skills and building our writing stamina. In grammar, we will also focus on learning adverbs, pronouns, apostrophes and contractions.
Math- We will continue or lesson with shapes but have a focus on three dimensional shapes. We will also introduce fractions, fraction parts in two-dimensional figures, and concrete models of fractions greater than one whole.
Science- We will learn the differences between natural and manmade resources, recycling, freshwater vs. saltwater, and rocks. We will also complete our PLTW activity of changing matters.
Social Studies- We will focus on what it means to work in our community.
Info to Know! 
  • 2nd Grade conference time is 10:50- 11:50 daily. If you need to phone your student's teacher or schedule a conference, this is the best time to do so. 
  • As the weather changes, please refer to the dress code. Please make sure that your student have shoes that are appropriate for PE class based on your student's individual schedules.
  • Reading and Math homework are scheduled to be passed out on Monday and is due on FRIDAY


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